Health Promoting School

St Stephen’s HS has been granted formal accreditation as a Health Promoting School. This is because we meet certain criteria and have confirmed that a range of appropriate activities take place in our school.

Classroom activities are, of course, included in these; however, the culture of promoting health is not restricted to formal learning. Being a ‘healthy’ school covers a wide range of opportunities and facilities associated with St Stephen’s

Our curriculum reflects awareness raising of drug, alcohol and smoking abuse. Choices in the School Canteen offer healthy options to encourage the development of good eating habits. There are activities for staff and pupils to promote fitness and wellbeing.

Health Promoting School accreditation reflects that St Stephen’s High is actively engaged in developing a healthy school community. Overall, St Stephen’s is recognised as a school characterised by concern and respect for all members of our school community, including pupils, parents and staff. ‘

Health’ is viewed as much more than a focus on diet and exercise. Emotional and spiritual health are recognised as vital to the maintenance of a happy environment in which we work - and ‘play’ - together to promote learning. The hallmark of our school is self respect and care for others and as reflected in our shared Gospel values. St Stephen’s is proud to have earned the accolade of being formally recognised as a Health Promoting School.

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