Stations of the Cross

Nicole, Michaela & SarahWithin February of this year myself and two fellow sixth year students Michaela and Sarah had the pleasure of working with local artist William Stewart to complete a set of paintings for the schools new oratory. The paintings will be displayed in the school and will be moved to the new oratory within St Stephen’s at the new joint campus with Port Glasgow High in 2012.

PaintingsWe were asked to produce fourteen individual paintings to represent the “Stations of the cross.” This shows Jesus’ long walk with the cross to Mount Calvary, his crucifixion and his final resting place.

We worked on hardboard with acrylic paints to create the striking images to depict the last days of Christ on earth. I found it a real experience to have the freedom of working with unusual materials and to such a large scale, without the regular restrictions which would normally apply with my course work.



I really found that we learned so much from Bill, for example he enhanced our knowledge of media use, colour and technique it was great fun. Personally I feel that the passion and emotion comes through in every painting but at the same time has a modern slant that I feel the young people of the school will be able to connect with.


By Nicole, S6

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