MVP - Mentors in Violence Prevention

The Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme is changing attitudes to violence and bullying and empowering classmates and friends to be supportive to those being victimised.

The project aims to raise awareness of violence, in particular gender based violence and bullying, within a school setting and encourages young people from all backgrounds to take on leadership roles in their schools and to deliver sessions to younger peers to discuss these issues.

The project is focused on an innovative ‘bystander’ model that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate. By using role-playing, students are helped to understand their options in response to incidents of harassment, abuse, or violence – before, during, or after the fact. Pupils learn that doing nothing when witnessing abusive behaviours only contributes to the problem and are encouraged to take responsibility in supporting or challenging their peers.

Moreover, all scenarios are linked to the health and well-being within the Curriculum for Excellence.

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