Our Vision

We aspire to provide an excellent Catholic education characterised by equality and fairness for all, inspired by the teachings of Christ and within a happy, safe and caring environment.

Our pupils involve themselves actively in events which will benefit not only themselves, but causes close to their hearts.

Catholic here is more than a reference to religious instruction: it means that we work to show our young people that, as members of a Catholic community, they should live out the values of their religion and that by recognising their uniqueness and dignity as human beings, we encourage our pupils to live their lives by Gospel values.

St Stephen's High School:

  • Exists so that learning and teaching can take place in a Catholic environment
  • Recognises that its members are individuals and have the right to be accepted as such.
  • Believes that together we form a community whose daily life is directed by Gospel values.
  • Fosters the belief that all members of the school community have responsibilities to themselves, to each other, to the school environment and to protect and project the good name of St. Stephen’s

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