Pupils enjoying metalworkThe Technology Department currently has two graphic communication rooms, two woodwork rooms, one metalwork room and one multipurpose project area (where wood, metal or plastic work can be carried out).

S1 classes are taught in blocks of thirteen weeks (three periods per week) and S2 classes
receive either one or two periods per week depending on the year .
S3 and S4 classes enjoy three periods per week throughout the year and S5/6 National Qualifications, six periods.

Department Aims / Objectives

The technology department exists within the school to impart to the pupils information and knowledge relating to technology, and to allow them the opportunity to experience for themselves the pleasure and satisfaction that can be derived from design, via graphic communication, to manufacture.
We strive to enable the pupils to realise their potential theoretically, creatively and practically.


Mr MacQueen ( principal teacher )
Mr Clark
Mr Murray

Technician: Mr Delussey

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