Home Economics

Pupils Learn Practical Cookery SkillsThe Aims of the Home Economics Department are that our students should be:

1. Able to prepare for effective living in a changing technological society.

2. Able to develop skills and attitudes that enable them to manage and direct the quality of their lives.

3. Gain practical experience in the organisation and planning of work, in handling a variety of foods, textiles, equipment and materials.

The department has classes from First Year through to Sixth Year. All pupils and students are required to provide a suitable container on practical days and we encourage pupils to make use of their planners for homework which consists of:

  • S1/2: As appropriate to the unit plus S2 have a project.
  • S3/4: Every week (standard Grade)
  • S5/6: Every week if appropriate to course.

The department has three teaching areas. 

  • 2 Food Technology rooms
  • 1 Fabric Technology room / General teaching room. 

We actively encourage all pupils to come to the department out with class time and we also offer the following extra curricular classes:

  • S1/2 Practical food Skills
  • S5/6 Preparation for life after school (practical food)


Mrs Oswald (Principal Teacher)
Mrs M McCool (Principal Teacher of Guidance)

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